How We do it

The objective:

The objective of every project is to lower your cost of acquiring & developing property by 25% – 30%.

How we do it:

We facilitate project subscribers to pool finances together, form a special purpose vehicle ( Limited company ) to buy land, add value to the property by developing it in a phased out approach. By pooling financial resources together, we eliminate middle men and minimize on borrowing. One can choose to cash in on gains at any point by selling to willing buyers. Professional fees are minimal since we see ourselves as co-investors.

Investment Phasing

Financing is available from a local bank, for those that wish to borrow and pay over a period of time. This allows members to participate with minimum pressure. This is subject to the banks credit approval procedures and requirements. The investment is phased out as below, to allow easy fund raising.

Phase 1 : Land Acquisition, Demarcation,

Phase 2: Basic Facilities development. (Borehole / Water, electricity, Sewage, fencing Security and perimeter fence, roads, etc),

Phase 3: Building Construction or Farming Project (In the case of Agri-Villages).

Property Categories

The projects fall into 2 categories, namely:

  • Up Country Homes & Farms  ( Get yourself a decent Shags ) :

These are gated farm homes with farming land in the counties (Shags)). Many Kenyans do not have sizable upcountry land they can call “shags”. If they do, they probably won’t spend a night there for security reasons. The idea is to get a few people to pool finances to buy low cost Agricultural land jointly in various counties for purposes of building a secure neighborhood / village and jointly engage in a commercial farming/activity or as subscribers may decide.

  • Urban Gated Communities

Gated residential communities in urban cities. Property in urban neighborhoods especially Nairobi has become unreasonably expensive. The idea is to get a few people to pool finances to buy land jointly for purposes of building a secure neighborhood. Subscribers to a project get to own property almost at cost and way below market rates and can make huge capital gains immediately.

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